Bitcoin traders in Denmark are targeted in tax-data campaign

Trading in Bitcoin and various crypto-currencies will come in contact with a good deal more scrutiny in Denmark.

The country’s tax agency has won permission to get started collecting information between trade of crypto-currencies conducted via three exchanges between 2016 and 2018, reported by a statement around the agency’s website on Monday.

More specifically, the exchanges will need to carry names, addresses and also tax numbers. The sharing of these information “will make sure that citizens who have traded crypto-currencies have paid the suitable tax,” the agency said. Information about transactions manufactured by foreign citizens and firms is going to be exchanged with all the respective countries’ authorities.

The tax agency happens to be touching the relevant exchanges, it said. “Without going too far, There’s no doubt that anybody can point out that this is a big market that people want to look at more closely,” Karin Bergen, a director with the agency, said while in the statement.
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