Greater part of world population supports globalism, survey finds

Maybe populist political movements don’t have so much support as frequently presumed.

The global public favours cooperation between nations, thinks immigration is an efficient thing and believes climate scientists, reported by a poll of 10 000 individuals every region of the world.

The poll was commissioned via the World Economic Forum and are discussed at panels with this year’s meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

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People in Southeast Asia and Africa were the strongest believers in countries friends working together, with 88% saying it’s very or crucial. The smallest amount enthusiastic region was Western Europe, where 61% held that view. Worldwide, the figure was 76%, and North America 70%.

A global most of 57% said immigrants were “mostly good” for their new country, only 40% of Eastern Europeans thought so. Rapidly continuing standoff in the states over creating a wall across the Mexican border, 66% of North Americans stood a positive view of migrants.

One theme where there’s less optimistic is social mobility, with simply 20% of Western Europeans and 34% of american citizens saying it’s normal to generally be born poor and turn rich.

Across the entire world, 54% have trust in climate scientists. Nevertheless in The usa only 17% do.

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