Sheffield sports management company launches crowdfunding campaign well before AIM listing Magazine

Sport:80, an income generative technology company, is seeking to “bring sport into the 21st century” featuring its proprietary cloud-based platform devoted to transforming the business and handling of sport.

With a strategy to initially pinpoint the 35 Olympic and Paralympic sports, the fact that directors estimate comes with an accessible market worth 720 million, the firm has launched a crowdfunding campaign to increase the minimum 300,000 (up to maximum of 750,000). The funds raised will retain the roll-out of the company’s platform during this large and untapped sports management sector.

Sport:80 gives investors the chance participate in a company that’s primed to support the upcoming 2016 Olympic and Paralympics in Rio. The Company already harmonizes with multiple Olympic and Paralympic organisations, such as British Olympic Association, Archery GB, the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation.

The treating sport is among the few elements of business yet to be transformed by the replacement of legacy paper-based systems with digital cloud-based platforms. Seamlessly integrating the core functions of sport management just like memberships, events, logistics, finance, athlete profiles and data collection, Sport:80’s technology delivers enhanced functionality, greater security, higher revenues and significantly lower costs.

Gary Hargraves, CEO of Sport:80, said: “London 2012 would be a game-changer for any British sports industry. Have never we, for a nation, been more passionate about athletic prowess and enthralled with new and exciting sporting events. While in the wake within the Olympics and Paralympics working in london, people began involved in sporting activities showcased within the summer in an unparalleled rate C The united kingdom was awash with new archers, rowers and swimmers.

“But several of these sporting associations still use outdated systems to control these increasingly huge member numbers, and huge events C counting on paper-based systems and numerous outsourced support agencies to regulate their processes. Sport:80 can propel these sports associations in to the 21st century with one cloud-based platform able to handle each of their administrative and management functions.”

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