Lincolnshire farm in excess of doubles output following bank deal Magazine

A North Lincolnshire family farm has produced a new the opportunity egg-laying facility with financial support from Yorkshire Bank, leading to this company above doubling its production output.

V Wilkins & Sons has evolved the brand new facility which can house 64,000 the opportunity hens, on its existing site in Ulceby between Scunthorpe and Grimsby.? This can enhance the total number of hens the farm can house from 40k to 104k.

The funding was made available from Oliver Maxey, relationship manager at Yorkshire Bank in Lincoln, and has now led the farm to outsource to two new full-time staff members.

The third-generation family business was established in Leicestershire by Victor Wilkins, the grandfather of current owner, Paul Wilkins, who runs the farm alongside his father Richard.? Paul’s son Sam (19) also recently joined the organization.

Starting out as the traditional mixed farm within the 1920s, V Wilkins & Sons now specialises in arable farming and free-range egg production.

Sustainability is really a major focus for any business, which utilises grain grown on the farm as feed to your hens.? Conversely, the birds’ waste is required as fertiliser with the crops.

The business has experienced steady growth during decade and contains been boosting the variety of hens around the farm every three years or so since owners Paul and Richard diversified into egg production in 2004.

Paul said: “As we’ve evolved into an aggressive business, sustainability has turned into a priority for all of us and we’ve were able to nicely tie together our farming activities to aid implement it.? Down the road, Lets hope to stay increasing the amount of hens and grow production a little bit more, in keeping with market demand.

“I can’t speak highly enough on the subject of Yorkshire Bank’s support.? The team’s comprehension of agribusiness is rather strong with been really whenever you are steering the corporation while in the right direction.”

Oliver Maxey, relationship manager at Yorkshire Bank’s Business as well as Banking Centre in Lincoln, said: “V Wilkins & Sons is really an illustration of kids farming business diversifying its offer and experiencing significant growth from the process, while creating jobs for that online community.? I am proud to assist the farm’s recent development and appearance toward working together with Paul as well as the team while they grow.

“As economic conditions continue to improve, Yorkshire Bank remains devoted to supporting the increase ambitions of companies in Lincolnshire.”

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