Ivanka, Rubio find a new project: Paid family leave

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For instance, a person who would begin receiving benefits when he or she turns 67 years old but wants to take about six weeks of paid leave wouldn’t draw Social Security benefits until about 6 weeks after his or her 67th birthday.

“That’s a fresh idea for Republicans who still identify it as a something which is developed of your left,” Rubio said of paid family leave. “Forcing companies to deliver it really is perhaps an idea that finds its genesis on the left, though the notion that pregnancy should not be bankruptcy-eliciting event is one we think all Americans really should be supportive of.”

Rubio and Ivanka Trump recently exchanged emails about paid family leave. Plus his Senate office at the end of January, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) also privately pitched the concept into the president’s daughter, who gave it a hot reception, reported by one individual knowledgeable about the meeting. Lee is actually a close ally of Rubio, plus they jointly lobbied for expanding your son or daughter tax credit – an Ivanka-backed effort that prompted Rubio to just about tank the goverment tax bill while in the final events of the overhaul. He ultimately voted for it.

Rubio remains was developed stages of drafting a paid leave plan that he hopes a crucial mass of congressional Republicans additionally, the Trump administration gets behind. In private conversations with senators, Ivanka Trump has discussed raising payroll taxes or elsewhere paying into Social Security to manufacture a new, personal paid leave fund, in line with multiple senior GOP sources.

The concept mirrors what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has proposed. But any plan that raises taxes, especially for making what may effectively be a new entitlement, would hit automatic resistance among Republicans.

Still, congressional sources said Trump has signaled she’ll be flexible in order to lock down victory at a signature policy initiative. A White House official said Trump has explored several proposals involving paid leave as well as the payroll tax idea was one option shown to her.

“While we’re pleasantly impressed by the progress i am making in generating conversation throughout the issue, we know how hard it will be and that for all your talk for the issue, nobody has become able to uncover it done before,” the White House official said. “We are invested in it, as well as priority now’s to go on to develop a coalition.”

Rubio’s full-throated defense of the conservative vision of paid family leave may be the next chapter while in the senator’s policy evolution since he burst on the national stage to be a telegenic GOP rising star last year.

His first major policy push being a senator – immigration – bruised Rubio politically. He eventually backed out of the so-called Range of Eight approach after which you can struggled to make an impression on GOP primary voters in the 2016 presidential bid. Since that time, Rubio has largely pivoted as to the he calls a “pro-family” policy platform and joined using a younger generation of GOP senators, including Lee and Tim Scott (R-S.C.), to promote a softer side of conservatism.

Rubio hasn’t ignored immigration, however. The Florida Republican has attended nearly a half-dozen meetings of your swelling group of deal-minded senators – led by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) – whorrrre endeavoring to put together an immigration framework that leadership could give the bottom.

Paid family leave includes a murkier legislative future than immigration in Congress this year.

Republicans already scored a primary win on paid leave through their government tax bill. The final measure included provisions that may give a tax credit for companies that voluntarily offer employees paid leave – a brainchild of Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) plus a policy endorsed by Rubio in his presidential bid.

Since that bill was signed into law in December, Fischer has focused totally on implementing the tax credit and promoting it, a spokeswoman said. But Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, has met many times with the president’s daughter and appearance to need to make more headway around the issue this season.

“Sen. Alexander is impressed with Ivanka Trump’s advocacy of paid family leave, and is working with her to assess whether there’s consensus from the Senate that may create a result,” Alexander spokeswoman Liz Wolgemuth said.

The president’s budget plan this past year required a six-week paid leave plan that could be financed by state unemployment insurance programs, nevertheless it went nowhere as Republicans prefered Fischer’s tax-credit idea instead. The White House official said the proposal was meant as the “flag on your lawn,” adding: “We still meet on various options.”

Rubio says the newest paid leave push would be “complementary” to Fischer’s tax-credit provision that is certainly now law. The Florida senator said a thought he’d wish to push along with Social Security parental benefits is allowing a loan for the child tax credit diligently searched child arrives, in place of waiting until an individual files taxes.

Rubio argues the typical plan would benefit people that have lower incomes, since they are unlikely to dedicate yourself to businesses that proactively offer paid family leave. Vehicles disputes the pure free-market view that companies may ultimately provide leave because employees will demand it. “Frankly, there’s certainly no evidence that is the case anywhere, particularly on to the $20,000, $30,000, $35,000 range,” he stated.

For “people that we know and communicate with, going a couple weeks with not a paycheck is catastrophic,” Rubio said. “Imagine going 8 weeks or 11 weeks. – They gotta give you time beneath the law, but the truth is don’t end up being paid. It’s just an excellent sustainable thing.”

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