Rand Paul on neighbor's attack motive: 'He has to have forfeit it'

Sen. Rand Paul lamented Wednesday night that Americans are "channeling many rage” that extends in the evening realm of politics, expressing optimism that your year will improve than 2017, as he was attacked by way of a neighbor and shot at along with other congressional Republicans on a Virginia baseball diamond.

“I’ve been shot at. I have already been mugged. I am hoping 2018 is the perfect year,” Paul (R-Ky.) told CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert. “We are channeling plenty of rage on both sides, politically and otherwise, grass clippings, where ever you look. We’re unhappy against each other. And i am frequently see people on morning shows and that we are convinced person’s not human. They do not hurt, you understand.”

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Paul was attacked by a neighbor last November because mowed the lawn at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The attack left the senator with multiple broken ribs and internal injuries to his lungs. Paul told Colbert that she struggled with recovery for weeks, twice experiencing pneumonia all night . lack of breath at nighttime.

Speaking of your possible motive to your attack, Paul said his neighbor could possibly have stood a "rage reaction."

"It truly wasn’t a kind of building, fuming thing where there was words. It was just style of, I think he has to have lost it," he was quoted saying. “I guess many men and women made light that the I was attacked. But, you recognize, I’m very sick,” he was quoted saying.

The neighbor, Rene Boucher, told authorities the war stemmed from the yard dispute and wasn’t politically motivated. Boucher signed a plea agreement in January and faces approximately 21 months imprisonment.

The Kentucky senator was among the many folks the GOP baseball team which had been practicing last summer on a field in Alexandria, Virginia, anytime a gunman opened fire upon them, injuring five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

But despite a particularly violent 2017, Paul said there are far more efforts at bipartisanship on Capitol Hill than people realize, whilst high-profile battles over immigration and other hot-button issues capture high of the political spotlight.

“I think we have a way where our nation be ready to have disagreements and establish methods for getting beyond it – when they are political disagreements as well as other,” the senator said. “And I’m sure we attempt to complete most of that in Congress. It almost gets lost from the clutter of the things else we look at." But "the unwritten story is there’s more discussions going across party lines than you would ever believe.”

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